Friday, January 1, 2010

Gas Mileage Is For Daily Drivers

These shirts came from a comment that came to mind while reading a message board for cruisers where we live. I was reading a post about a show that stated they had lowered the entrance fee, so you could buy an extra gallon of gas to drive there (it was tongue in cheek). My immediate reply was “gas mileage is for daily drivers, summer is too short to worry about that with your cruiser!”. Then I thought “hmm…gas mileage IS for daily drivers!” and designed shirts for those that agree with us. We already had these shirts (and we do wear them) that had come up from a conversation with a spectator at a show saying that our classic must get pretty poor gas mileage. Honestly, we have no idea, it hasn’t been driven enough to know, due to various problems that have kept it in the garage more-such is the fun of a restoration. However, we told the gentleman in a very nice way that we didn’t build it for the gas mileage. In keeping with the gas mileage/gas prices theme, we also added these and these because we can’t let gas mileage keep our cars garage bound. Snow and breakage will do that for us!