Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring must be coming

We've had a very long standing joke between us regarding how to tell if spring was coming. We don't worry about the ground hog or the robins. Nope, there's one sure way to tell here. We look for the first Chevelle of spring! Sure, we could make it the first muscle car of spring, or the first hot rod of spring, but somehow, those Chevelles always know. This past week, every day at lunch, a nice red Chevelle with black racing stripes has passed us headed in the opposite direction. I cringe a little when I see it, because there's still a touch of white on the roads (salt). And just recently, a blue one with black racing stripes was spotted out from under it's winter car cover. Sure enough, it seems our favorite predictor of the springtime season hasn't failed us. Spring weather is certainly on it's way, we've seen the first Chevelle of spring! If you're a Chevelle fan, stop by our wallpaper page ( ) for a bigger version of the photo you see in this blog post!