Monday, March 29, 2010

Gearhead Greetings!

Introducing our newest product, greeting cards! While there have been companies around that offered Christmas cards for lovers of all things motorized, we're taking it to a new level with our cards. We are offering everything from Christmas and 4th of July to birthdays and anniversaries. These cards are being printed by another company for us to save costs (they are printed in the USA), and we are offering them for $3.79 with free shipping (free shipping applies only to the cards). Please bear with us while we build this part of our site, as it takes some time to add each card. But in the mean time, swing by and check out what we have to offer so far. We're pretty sure you're not going to find too many Tractor Easter Cards, Motorcycle 4th of July cards or Muscle Car Thanksgiving cards out there! you can find the greeting cards here on our site: