Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love the smell of bondo

Hello, this is the "wife" half of Gear 4 Gearheads. I decided I would go ahead and start blogging about the different sayings on our shirts, and where they came from. Because we are deeply involved in the hobby and are restoring a car ourselves, many of the unique phrases you see came from personal experiences. We don’t just sit behind a computer and slap up saying on shirts, we live them! All of our designs can be found on our website, (ok, SOME of them-we are overhauling the site right now, so bear with us). As far as the origins of our designs, I’m going to start with one of the more obscure ones-I just happened to pick it up to wear today and it made me think about it.“I love the smell of bondo in the morning” ( Well, this one is pretty straight forward-I DO love the smell of body filler. Paint (especially a quality clear-smells just like candy to me) too, but that’s a different subject. This particular shirt though, came from an early morning body work session with the car we are restoring. See, we bought this car back in November of 02, knowing it needed some work. Well, as anyone that’s restored one in their garage knows-one little thing leads to about ten huge things! At the time this shirt saying came to mind, we were trying to get the car ready for Woodward (never happened, but home resto project rarely make a deadline). We needed to replace the driver’s side rear quarter skin. Once we got that skin off, we needed to replace the outer wheelhouse too-like I said, one thing ALWAYS leads to another. Well, we got the repopped wheelhouse in, after some modification (ever notice “bolt on”resto parts never are?) and used body glue to put the skin on. So far, the glue is holding fine. Anyway, we had to smooth the line between the new skin and the original body-so, early in the morning, we were mixing up some bondo and I said to my husband “I love the smell of bondo in the morning!”.Then I said “I’ll be right back, I gotta put that on a shirt!”. So there you have it-the story behind the shirt that says “I love the smell of bondo in the morning”. It’s a great gift idea for someone that does body work for a living, or, like us, is deep into a restoration project. Because usually by that point, a good laugh is a great thing!