Friday, August 7, 2009

Woodward Dream Cruise traffic jam

If you've ever tried to cruise the famous Woodward ave between Ferndale and Pontiac on the Saturday of the Dream Cruise, you know exactly what we were thinking when we came up with this one. Any other time you are stuck in that kind of crazy traffic, with the heat of summer making it feel like a blast furnace, you would not be very happy. But on that one magical day in August, you can crawl at an idle and take over an hour to go a mile-and be happier than a clam! The exhaust fumes, full of octane and lead supplement, burns your eyes, the rumble of the motors can be felt in your floorboards and you are one of thousands of enthusiasts gathering to celebrate the hobby, it's history and the cars. There's just no way to describe this amazing event-pictures might be worth a thousand words, but there's not enough film in the world. So, we'll see you at Woodward, doin the Woodward Crawl, and having the most fun we'll ever have in a traffic jamb!