Monday, August 17, 2009

Home From The Dream Cruise

We're home from Woodward! The videos are uploaded to our youtube channel (, the tweets are tweeted and the car is washed, dried and tucked away in the garage. As we work on creating and adding wallpaper to , we are reflecting on the Woodward Dream Cruise and about what it really is. The facts say a lot. Every third Saturday in August, over 40,000 vehicles fill 8 lanes of pavement from Ferndale to Pontiac and over 1 million people come to spectate. It's a pilgrimage of automotive enthusiasts to the center of the known motoring universe, all celebrating the one uniting factor-the vehicles. But there's more than the hard numbers. The dream cruise transcends awards and dash plaques from regular car shows. Really and truly, there is no award greater than having someone choose to take a picture of YOUR car in the sea of amazing works of automotive art, or hearing a little boy or girl yelling for mom or dad to "look, look, LOOK! Look at THAT one!" and seeing them point at your ride. It's more than the cars though, it's the people too. There are so many stories of cruisers reaching out to others in the community, we would need a whole blog just to share them. The friendships forged and shared in those hot days of August are priceless. Woodward is over for another year, but the memories will last a lifetime!